Together we have provided 18,620 meals to No Kid Hungry!!! Help us make this the BEST YEAR EVER 🧡

Coronavirus Impact On Hunger

Before the Coronavirus pandemic according to the USDA approximately 11 million kids were living in food insecure homes.  Since the pandemic hit here in the United States 18 MILLION kids are projected to face food insecurity...  That is 7 MILLION MORE CHILDREN right here in the United States that will go without or have limited access to healthy food.

Spreading Rainbows chose to support No Kid Hungry because they work hard everyday to help get healthy food to those kids in need. Very little money goes a long way and can help feed a lot of kids.  At No Kid Hungry as little as $1.00 can help provide 10 meals to a child in need.

Since the launch of Spreading Rainbows on February 6, 2020, Spreading Rainbows has been able to raise by the sale of Stella's handmade bracelets $700 in donations = 7,000 meals to a child in need via No Kid Hungry!!!!!  Each quarter Spreading Rainbows will be making donations on the money raised to No Kid Hungry.  

Watch out for "special" upcoming fundraising campaigns to help "Fight Childhood Hunger" that Spreading Rainbows will be doing.  

For more information on the impact the Coronavirus pandemic on childhood hunger (click the hearts)    🧡🧡🧡 and see the facts that Feeding America has published.  The facts are astounding!!!  

There are many ways one can help in this Fight Against Hunger:

🧡 Donate time in helping food banks or organizations deliver or distribute food 

🧡 Create fundraising events online (during this pandemic)

🧡 Find a family to support by calling local non-profit organizations or churches

🧡 Donate funds directly to organizations such as No Kid Hungry

🧡 Support businesses donating proceeds to these organizations

🧡 Hosting can food drives and partner with companies to match donations


There is so much power behind numbers #bethechange 

Thank you to all that support Spreading Rainbows and "my" mission to fight for kids and end hunger!!!!!!!!!!!!



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